EZDataBrowser is a software utility whose purpose is to enable you to effortlessly browse and edit your SQL Server databases, in an environment that any user should easily get accustomed to.

Once the program is up and running, a window pops up asking you to indicate an SQL Server name as well as an authentication method, with two options being available for you to choose between, more specifically, using either your Windows or SQL Server credentials. At this point, indicating the database name should complete the operation and get you ready to browse through the data.

Considering that the piece of software was designed based on a built-in SQL statement generator, users could expect a seamless interaction with it, with little SQL knowledge being required to fully benefit from its capabilities.

For ease of navigation, the software utility enables you to resort to various filters. Data in any columns can be easily differentiated, with the possibility of effortlessly selecting the info to be downloaded.

Apart from that, sums and averages can be calculated, and if need be, even exported to an Excel document. As for the applicability of such a software utility, it should be mentioned that marketing or sales departments would greatly benefit from its abilities.