Marketing is an important aspect of any business, so you need to invest both time and energy into creating high-quality flyers, posters, business cards or whatever design you believe would help your company.

Ezee Graphic Designer can help you come up with all of these items without too much struggle.

The application comes with an intuitive interface that guides you into setting up whatever product you are interested in.

You need to begin by selecting the graphic files you want to include in the design, then choose the grid, shapes or picture frames  that best suit your necessities.

The image formats supported by Ezee Graphic Designer are JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF, and you can arrange them in the grid you select by simply dragging and dropping them onto the slot you prefer.

The grid can then be resized and rotated, or you can decorate it with various shapes and lines whose color you can alter with ease.

You can also add text messages or titles that would enhance the power of your design. The font type, color and size can be modified, as well as the alignment type.

To speed up the process of designing the product, you can resort to one of the integrated presets. This way you can generate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest,  Instagram or YouTube banners or other types of graphics.

You can also create advertisements using one of the available presets.

Regardless of the size you choose, you can still edit its unit of measurement, modify the resolution or fine-tune the dimensions.

In a nutshell, Ezee Graphic Designer can help you come up with eye-catching infographics, calendars, invitations, coupons, ads, blog pictures, announcements and many more.