Writing music is not the easiest job and those who undertake this task will surely need a set of befitting tools to obtain the best results. When it comes to composing the old-fashioned way, there's no instrument quite like the piano and those who do all their work on a computer could use a program like EZkeys Grand Piano.

Created to emulate the impressive Steinway and Sons model D, which is probably the best grand piano ever made, this application has it work cut out for it if it is to replicate the amazing sound of that instrument.

The interface of the software is quite user friendly and combines an attractive look with practicality in order to offer a great experience. The generous library of EZkeys Grand Piano is easily accessible from the main window and is accompanied by a set of presets that can be integrated in a musical project immediately.

All the sounds have been carefully sampled from the Steinway and Sons model D grand piano and all the physical characteristics of this instrument are to be found inside the virtual environment as well. There is also a rich MIDI library that adds even more value from the resources point of view.

At all times the key, signature and tempo are displayed on the lower part of the main window, while a set of knobs are made available for adjusting the tone, detail or reverb. Adding new elements to the timeline and carefully picking each note can be done thanks to the dedicated controls that EZkeys Grand Piano comes with.

All things considered, it's safe to say that with this utility songwriters can get as close as possible to the sound of a Steinway and Sons model D grand piano and put together great sounding tracks with minimal efforts.