With most activities nowadays more or less related or even depending on a computer, you can plug just about any device and enhance its capabilities. The same goes for musical instruments, with an abundance of editors and processors that turn your computer into a powerful audio editing station. In case you also want to learn a thing or two, applications like EZkeys Upright Piano are just the right utility to try out.

In terms of design, you quickly notice a lot of effort was put into visuals, with a high-quality representation of an upright piano being the center of attention. It's fully interactive and the main method of playing notes, unless you have a MIDI device hooked to your PC. Additional elements include a timeline and different knobs for tone and volume adjustment.

You only get to work with MIDI files, both for import and export. In case it's not really your moment of inspiration, you can use the built-in library for a stunning array of preset chords and tunes cleverly organized in different categories and genres. For more variety, you can record sessions and pile up different parts into a song.

With the name also suggesting it, the only instrument you work with is a piano. However, turning knobs left and right lets you adjust reverb, tone, width and detune for more effects, while octave, semitones, cents, as well as high and low values can be used to change pitch, so you can say there's a little customization involved. These can be saved as presets, with the list already containing a few entries.

Flexibility is also encountered when working with the timeline. Different MIDI sections, either from the presets or external files can be loaded and arranged. There's also a record button that captures your input in real time.

Each element from the timeline can be fine-tuned individually, with settings to transpose and quantize. You can go ahead and hit the “play” button for instant feedback. Several values like key, signature and tempo can be adjusted, with noticeable impact on playback.

All in all, EZkeys Upright Piano is a polished music editor and processor dedicated to pianos and MIDI devices. The environment you work with is polished from all points of view, with incredibly intuitive controls. Editing benefits from different tools and a simple timeline that lets you stitch multiple parts together. It can even be used to practice or learn notes and scores, with clever visual and audio feedback for an enhanced overall experience.