ezMailer is an intuitive and comprehensive application whose main function is to assist you in sending mass messages to lists of contacts, suitable particularly for dispatching newsletters and reaching a wider audience of potential clients.

Following a very brief and uneventful installation operation, you can launch the program and get started immediately, as its intuitive and straightforward appearance make it easy to handle, even for computer novices.

The user interface makes use of tabs to organize its various components, yet also functions similar to a wizard, by allowing you to move from one step to the other with the help of the ‘Next’ button.

For starters, you will need to import the list of targeted addresses, in CSV format, into ezMailer; once opened, the contents of this file can easily be edited, so if you notice a mistake in one of the entries, you can correct it on the spot.

The next step consists of loading the actual body of the message, from a HTM file. At this stage, you can add any attachments that you wish to send to the recipients. Subsequently, you will need to configure the sender’s email address, specifically the SMTP server details.

This also includes the authentication credentials, and other options, such as receiving delivery or non-delivery notifications. You can set the batch size of messages and the wait interval in seconds, between each dispatch. When done, you can move to the ‘Send Emails’ tab and press the ‘Start / Resume’ button to commence the process.

In conclusion, ezMailer is a useful and reliable piece of software meant to help you in your marketing campaigns, by enabling you to send batch messages to an extensive number of recipients, in just a few swift moves.