Creating animations is not an easy task as it requires advanced knowledge and appropriate tools to obtain high quality results. Nonetheless, there are methods and utilities for the less experienced, so pretty much anyone can try their hand at generating original content.

Ezovo Pdf to Swf Converter is one such application and it will make it possible for you to load one or more Portable Document Format files and have then turned into Flash animations.

The setup procedure is very easy to go through, but you should note that when it is complete, you will be prompted to restart your system and it is advisable to do so in order to have the program function correctly.

The GUI of Ezovo Pdf to Swf Converter is simple and unadorned, hosting a handful of commands and functions most of which are placed in the lower part of the main window. Most of the space is reserved for the list where the PDFs that have to be converted will be added.

Operating this software solution is a really easy job and any user can do it with absolutely no problems. The simplicity of the app is also its main downside because there are no configurations for the output files and you cannot set the conversion parameters manually.

After adding the files individually or in batches it is possible to make a selection and remove the unnecessary ones from the queue. Starting the process is the final step and as soon as the task is complete, the folder with the converted files will open if you activated this option from the 'System setting' area.

Ezovo Pdf to Swf Converter may not be the best looking utility or the fastest converter o the market, but it will get the job done. As easy to use as it may be, the lack of any configuration possibilities and of some more advanced features will surely make lots of users turn away from it.