EZQuizTaker is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use program that comes bundled with two individual tools, a quiz builder and a tester. It offers the necessary components to create personalized quizzes easily without wasting too much time. Unfortunately, it only comes with a single question type, multiple choice, and there is no option to incorporate others.

The two tools are installed together but have separate icons. It's recommended to start designing the tests and after that, you can preview them using the tester. It's wrapped in a straightforward and accessible interface that contains all the exam elements stacked in a panel, along with three image windows that are attached to the main pane.

If you already have an examination list stored in the computer, you have the option to import it from a CSV file, but if it's the first time using it, you can easily make a new from scratch. You have to input the title, a short description, enable if you want to password-protect it from being edited and used, email the results, as well as set the passing score, completion attempts, the time limit and query randomization.

Plus, you can upload the results on the publisher's website and organize them alphabetically. Once done with the basic details, you can proceed to type the question and the answers, along with the correct result and a specific picture, if the inquiry requires it. The supported photo formats are JPG, BMP, JPEG, ICO and GIF.

The app lets you enter only six possible results and doesn't offer the option to pick multiple correct responses, which narrows the user's choices of making a more elaborate questionnaire. At the bottom of the window the tool provides next and back arrows to help you navigate between queries with ease.

Once the test is saved, you can access it from the destination folder and is opened in the other program. After the exam is over the results are displayed, showing each question with the picked and correct answer, and an explanation if it's the case, along with the total score and if you passed or not. The responses can be printed and copied to another document.

The bottom line is that EZQuizTaker is a handy utility but, unfortunately, its functions are limited. Due to a single question type, you can't have complex tests, but you can still generate ones for personal use.