In various projects or presentations sound is added most of the times. However, to create a proper impression, editing tools need to be used in order to enhance sound. With the help of applications like FabulousMP3 you are able to import music and carefully edit frequencies and effects to make it as clean or aggressive as possible.

Available tools are all found in a pretty compact main window. A list displays loaded songs, which can either be MP3 or WAV. This is easily done by dragging desired files on the main window or through the file menu.

The application is equipped with a decent amount of options you can set. However, modifying them is rather difficult, with incredibly small buttons placed at the sides of each value to either increase or decrease.

Even though you can view the value, you are not able to use the keyboard and write down the exact number to be attributed. One of the biggest disadvantages, is the lack of a progress slider having seen how you can skip through the song, but no possibility to rewind.

In order to get a better idea of what it is capable of, you can choose from several presets that can enhance sound files. These are found in categories like digital audio, Internet, as well as FM broadcast.

The core function is to help you polish sound before going live with a radio station. Taking a little time to experiment with different combinations of values certainly delivers a few pleasant results. Luckily, these can all be saved either to a file and loaded when needed, or as a preset that can be quickly applied.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that FabulousMP3 proves to reward you with the sought effects, but only after some time spent mastering all of its features. The overall design leaves a little something to be desired and several missing functions limit it from being a pro.