Nowadays social networks have paved the way for new marketing methods and allow businesses to flourish in the virtual world. One such example is Facebook, giving you the possibility to literally set up your business with one account. What's more, using applications like Facebook FriendAdder you can quickly spread the word about one of your projects, ideas, products and more.

The application is designed as a common web browser with extended functionality. This comes in handy, because you can safely browse the web thanks to integrated tab support, and manage your Facebook account at the same time.

However, what differentiates it from your average web browser are several tabs which let you quickly switch through functions. Your progress and pages are saved, so you can easily switch to the area of interest.

The main attraction is the account manager. It gives you the possibility to create a database of multiple, or unlimited number of accounts as the application suggests, with several info fields available that display number of friends, percentage completion of profile, phone, or ongoing marketing campaign. You can either manually add account credentials or use an external file from which to import data.

The next step only depends on the type of action you need done. At its core, the application lets you quickly and significantly increase the renown status of your projects. This is either done by adding random friends from all around the world or sending messages that sooner or later attract attention.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Facebook FriendAdder has a lot more to offer, but take caution when taking it for a spin because you might end up with a lot of messages sent on your behalf or with new friends you never heard of. Because of this, it's best used with accounts that really have something to share, rather than unethical spamming.