There are multiple methods of customizing personal photographs. One can enhance certain objects or blur and even remove specific items. Users can also adjust photos to have fun or simply to amuse others.

It is for just such a purpose that one would install FaceGoo, as it allows users to add warp effects to their images. The software provides best results when applied to portraits, as multiple accessories it features are applied to a person's face.

The tool allows several methods to customize a picture, including by adding accessories, such as mustaches and beards. All in all, there are no less than ten categories of predefined items that can be inserted to modify source images. Each category features multiple objects, which means users have a broad array of choices when customizing photos. Adding animated stickers is possible, as is rotating source pictures.

One of the interesting features of this application is the camera capture option. If a web camera is present, users can grab an image and insert it directly in the workspace. If such a device is not available, users are free to insert pictures from their library, including JPGs, BMPs and PNGs.

If short on imagination, there are numerous samples to browse, and the software even allows users to adjust these items. Once one is satisfied with the resulting picture, the utility can export projects to either PNG or JPG formats.

In conclusion, FaceGoo is a great tool for anyone looking to create hilarious pictures from their portraits libraries.