For those of you who think that your everyday lives are boring, dreary and uneventful, you've surely thought at least once about escaping into a world of fantasy and magic that you've only read about in books or seen on TV.

While Fairy Forest 3D Screensaver will not physically transport you into another world, it will do a great job taking your mind on a magical trip.

All aspects that were put into designing this app can only be called "masterful." The 3D rendered forest along with the houses and all the residents are created in high-quality 3D, with high polygon counts and high-definition textures.

The animations and camera movements also work together, almost simulating the way you'd turn around in wonder at the magical sight that is there to behold. The beautiful graphics are also accompanied by a great soundtrack made up of relaxing instrumental music and the sounds of the forests.

What's great is that Fairy Forest 3D Screensaver offers multi-channel support when it comes to the sounds and music, so if you're wearing headphones or using a 5:1 surround sound system, you'll feel as if the fairy that just crossed the screen is flying by you in real life.

All this visual eye-candy does indeed come at a cost since during testing when all video settings were set to maximum; the app has low FPS values. This was especially noticed when the app was used in animated wallpaper mode, as it caused all programs in the foreground to also have performance spikes.

To prevent similar issues from happening to you, it's best if you know that most features, both audio and video, can be modified from the screensaver manager's "Settings" menu. There you can adjust a wide variety of functions, such as the sound and music volume, screen resolution, aspect ratio and overall graphics quality.

Additionally, the app lets you mute the sounds and music and replace them with audio files from your digital library.

Fairy Forest 3D Screensaver comes as an escape from the real world, and it does this with both beautiful (and demanding) graphics and music, making it excelent addition to any fantasy lover's digital library.