Keeping your accounts secure has become somewhat of a priority for most individuals hanging out in the online environment. Not only has the information we share grown in importance, but it has also become harder to control because of the number of things we share. This is exactly why everybody should secure their accounts with strong, hard-to-crack passwords. What better way to find the right password for your account if not by using a capable password generator such as Falcon Password Generator.

It's quite rare for users to find both simplicity and lots of functionality in one single app, but in this particular case rest assured that you'll have both. Falcon Password Generator is a simple program that gives users the power to create custom passwords according to specified criteria. This means that your password will be created according to what you tell the application to do. You can choose for your resulting password to include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, special or custom symbols.

Provided you are part of any culture other than the British or American one, you'll find custom symbols to be an extra secure feature. Why? Simply because decoding a password containing random letters is not difficult enough. Add specific symbols pertaining only to a certain alphabet, and your password will be much more secure. While this does not guarantee you won't have your account cracked, it really toughens the security around it by quite much.

Falcon Password could provide you with the much-needed inspiration in creating passwords. You can even decide how long your password should be, which is yet again a helpful feature. Keep your accounts more secure by creating random passcodes with the help of this app. You could even pair it with a capable password manager and never worry about remembering all these secure passwords. If you're looking to toughen up security around your online accounts, why not take into consideration Falcon Password Generator?