While there are other popular archives out there, Fanfiction.net is still the most popular destination for both fanfiction writers and readers. It hosts an impressive amount of content for pretty much every fandom you can think of.

Fanfic Reader is a dedicated app designed to improve your Fanfiction.net experience on Windows 10 devices. It sports a modern, sleek layout and offers a strong set of features, including the ability to download stories for offline reading, but it can still be improved in a couple of respects.

Users who are familiar with the website’s layout should find it pretty easy to get accustomed to Fanfic Reader, as it doesn’t change things too much, even improving on the web interface in some areas.

As a Universal app, it will be available on all your devices, and its UI will automatically adapt to their dimensions. You can switch between your PC and mobile phone and pick up right where you left off.

If you are already registered on the website, you can just log in and see all your favorite stories, authors and reviews, as well as manage your profile. Unfortunately, though, the app does not list the stories you are following, which is a major drawback.

Additionally, the filtering options that are available are limited compared to those you can find on Fanfiction.net. Furthermore, you do not have the option of restricting the text’s width and increasing or decreasing line spacing, although you can change the font size.

As far as the application’s look is concerned, there aren’t too many negative aspects to mention. The layout is well thought-out, for the most part, and it is worth appreciating that a dark theme is available.

However, we would like to see a reading mode that hid most, if not all of the UI elements; this is especially important on mobile devices, where there is very little screen space to spare.

If you are looking for a Fanfiction.net client for your Windows 10 devices, Fanfic Reader is certainly worth a look. It is not perfect, as it lacks a few important features, but it can improve your reading experience and can synchronize your data across multiple devices.