Fantasy Clock Animated Wallpaper is a small desktop enhancement utility developed specifically for helping you personalize the looks of your desktop with the aid of an animated wallpaper.

The tool can be deployed on a computer in a way that does not change the system’s configuration information. You may open it by running the executable file.

What’s more, you can keep it stored on pen drives or other portable devices and carry it with you all the time. It is important to mention that it does not leave entries in your Windows registry so you may uninstall it via a quick deletion task.

The program can be found sitting quietly in the system tray, running in the background. The animated wallpaper comprises several butterflies that fly randomly across your screen, a tree-house, an analogue clock, as well as a green field with grass that moves in a windy direction.

Fantasy Clock Animated Wallpaper offers you the possibility to set the picture position on the screen (fill, stretch, or fit) and automatically run the animated wallpaper at Windows startup. What’s more, you can show or hide desktop icons, as well as enable icon smoothing effects in order to obtain better visual results.

Other general tweaking parameters worth being mentioned enable you to change the language of the interface by choosing between several preset options from a drop-down list, open a webpage via your default web browser from where you can download other online wallpapers, and minimize the tool in the system tray with a single click.

Fantasy Clock Animated Wallpaper offers excellent output quality. It eats up from a low up to a moderate amount of system resources so the overall performance of the system is not hampered.

To sum things up, Fantasy Clock Animated Wallpaper helps you brighten the looks of your screen with the aid of a fantasy-like animated wallpaper. It can be tweaked by rookies and professionals alike.