Fast Eraser will help you protect yourself!Our ultimate privacy protection tool will save your marriage, your job and keep you out of jail by safely eliminating all the incriminating evidence!

Here are some key features of "Fast Eraser":

■ File Shredder

■ Permanently erase browser's cache files

■ Permanently erase browser's cookie files

■ Erase and disables "autocomplete" URLs

■ Cleans the secret index.dat file

■ Erase Windows temporary folder

■ Erase Media Players recent file menu

■ Permanently Erase the Recycle bin

■ Blocks unwanted additions to "Favorites" folder

■ Locks your Homepage - Only you can change it

■ Erase "Recent Documents" list

■ Erase recently opened files from the "Run" menu

■ Erase the "Find files" history

■ Erase applications recently opened files list

■ The "Panic" button instantly clears all traces of your activities and closes all your browser windows!

■ Frees hard drive space

■ Speeds up your computer

■ Each function can be turned on/off

■ Extremely easy to use

■ Auto-Start on Windows start up

■ Boss Key - to hide all Internet Explorer windows

■ Easily Integrated with Internet Explorer

■ Life Time Upgrades


■ 5 days trial