The more complicated an application, the more important it is that it contains good support documentation, both offline and online. Fast-Help is an application designed to help people create help files quickly and easily, in a variety of formats.

Fast-help is clearly a professional level application in its own right, it offers a huge amount of different different options that enable users to create professional level help files. The application supports multiple formats and includes the ability to create and link support webpages to an application. If users have the content of the help document ready, it can be quickly pasted into the application, edits can be performed and then compiled into a document. For users who already have their materials ready, the process can be done in a few minutes.

Providing multiple language support for applications usually requires hiring translators to help convert aspects of an existing program into a specific language. Fast-Help includes significant translating options to translate every aspect of a document into any chosen language, saving users time and money in the process.

The application also provides different templates available to rapidly craft a help file in minimal time, given the cost of the application, a great deal of effort has been taken to make Fast-help value for money. Multiple features are available to make a long process shorter, easier and more efficient.

The developers mention several important companies as clients on their website, but the price tag might be more of an issue for amateur developers and small scale programmers. Anyone looking to buy this application for personal use does have to consider the cost. The application goes a very long way to justify the price, it could very easily be the sole program used to create help text for any developer, for any number of projects.

That being said, the application is designed for larger programs, while it could be used for smaller scale applications it would not be using it to its potential. For anyone making more complicated and intricate programs, ones that would require many pages of text, it is a perfect tool.

To conclude, the application is not for those who experiment with simple applications, but for those develop programs for a living, it would make an excellent investment and tool. While it would take time to master, once perfected, it could create professional quality help documentation in moments, making a difficult task easy.