Transforming the format and increasing the quality of music files is something many users try to accomplish through a dedicated software that can handle the specific audio formats they need to work with.

Among the plethora of specialized tools available out there, Fast RM to MP3 Converter is more of a niche application since it is designed to handle RealMedia format files. It supports RM, RMVB, RA, RMJ as well as RAM music files which can be turned into more common types like MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, MP4, AAC, AC3 and even AMR.

Sporting a simple interface, with all the functions neatly organized in the main window, Fast RM to MP3 Converter will make sure the job you need it to carry out will be done in the shortest time possible. All you have to do is load the target files, choose the desired output format and location then start the process.

For those who wish to tinker with the settings of the application a bit, there is something to play with, namely the format options. Thus, most types listed in the main window of the program have their own parameters you can customize.

Some of the more common settings refer to the bitrate, sample rate frequency and channels, but there are some special cases as well. For instance, the WMA format offers a wide variety of preset profiles, while for the WAV file type there is nothing to configure.

The most well-equipped output format supported by Fast RM to MP3 Converter insofar as the customization is concerned is MP4 (AAC). Not only does it come with a lot of sample rates and channel entries you can opt for, but it will enable yo to adjust the bitrate as well as the encoder quality using a couple of sliders.

To conclude, it’s safe to say that when it comes to handling RealMedia filetypes and converting them into other, more widespread formats, Fast RM to MP3 Converter is one of the best choices.