Most of us found themselves in the position to run and use multiple tools at the same time, making it hard to manage all of them. However, to do so, you need different utilities, which may slow down your system, and crash the computer.

If you are looking for a performant yet easy-to-use app, Fast Task Scheduler can turn out to be a simple solution and time saver that can help launch various programs, documents, images, or movies at a specific time of the day.

The installation is finished before you know and doesn't need any additional requirements. The provided interface is old but approachable divided into a quick toolbar and a task list. From the settings, you are able to enable it to run at Windows startup, pick the snooze time, disable sorting, and changing the date/time format, and font.

Fast Task Scheduler offers a distinct icon for each item to quickly add it to the list, instead of wasting time browsing the menu. Even though they share the same window, clicking on a particular category opens the panel directly to it.

To properly set it up, you have to select the start and end time/date, recurrence mode (daily, weekly), the status, and the days in which it's run. An individual tab is displayed for every item, such as reminder, memo, program, webpage, audio and video, file, and general.

For the alarm, you need to select an alert sound from the provided ones, as you are unable to pick your own, and if a note should be shown. Notations require only a body content, executables the full path, and parameters, while the website, the URL.

For music, movies, and documents, you only need to input the location and an optional description. The General tab, lets you enter any other desired file, offering the user the choice to fully customize its list. From the bottom of the window, you can edit, enable/disable, and delete the records, as well as run the app in the background.

To sum it up, Fast Task Scheduler is a reliable and useful application that comes in handy when you want to run and manage multiple items, such as drafts, notations, music, videos, apps, and others.