FastWrite is the best way to experience your daily computer use. It is here to help you write faster, accomplish your tasks faster and with only one hand!

FastWrite is a software that allows you to write faster.

Are you frustrated with the big keyboard that you have? - With FastWrite you can forget about 90% of your keyboard and use only 9 main keys!

Can't find those letters just when you need to type fast? - With FastWrite you only need to remember only 9 keys

Can't type fast? - FastWrite is the FASTEST way to Write...

Don't remember how to spell a word? - FastWrite will complete the words for you as you type! With FastWrite everything is much simpler!

Here are some key features of "FastWrite":

· Easy to use - With only few tries and you will get it all. If you can write SMS you can write with FastWrite...

· 3 typing modes: MultiTap, SingleTap, SingleTap+

· MultiTap - tapping on one key will cycle through that key letters.

· SingleTap - press once on each key to build your word (hello = 49556).

· SingleTap+ - like SingleTap but in this mode FastWrite will complete the word for you.

· Built in dictionary - FastWrite has its own dictionary with over 108,000 words, so it's almost certain that you will find the word you are looking for. Moreover, FastWrite comes with a default settings to find the most used word and give it to you as the first choises.

· Addaptive word selection - While you type and choose the words that you mostly use - you will need much less time to find the right word .

· Learn mode - You can give FastWrite to analyze a text that you mostly write. This way you can start typing faster and get the words YOU mostly use.

· Global - FastWrite can be used in any program to ease your typing.

After installation FastWrite is ready to go. All you have to do is sit down, stretch your HAND and start writing fast.

The default type mode after installation is SingleTap. In this mode you have to press once on each key to build your word (hello = 49556 ).

After you tap the word, if FastWrite didn't give you the right word, you can flip forward and backward through the matching words using the NEXT '*' and PREV '/' keys accordingly. To change modes you can use the 'Num Lock' key or left click on the tray icon.


· The demo version provides a limited version of the program with less options and a Trial reminder (15 days).