FavoText is an intuitive program that offers you a series of comprehensive tools for text and source code editing. This Scintilla-based application offer advanced features, such as syntax highlighting, auto-completion, spell check or conversion to HEX. You can easily search for words or phrases, copy, move or replace them.

FavoText features a split window, which allows you to edit the text, switch between tabs or browse through files at the same time. The column on the left hosts several functions, such as the file list - of all the currently opened documents - , the list of functions which you defined, file explorer, FTP connection explorer, project components and list of text clips.

You can easily switch between the functions, using the buttons at the bottom of the column. Similarly, the area at the bottom of the program’s main window can alternatively display the output of the functions you run, the results of the search, the FTP task list and the bookmarks.

The text editing function of FavoText allows you to type, paste or import the lines from local files, highlight syntax, create selections or compare text fragments. Moreover, you can view the text as HEX, Oct, Decimal or Binary format. You may easily add comments, tags, insert images, tables or mathematical functions to the text.

The software allows you to create bookmarks, format the paragraphs, record or manage macros and use the ZenCoding functions. This particular category of tools allows you to create abbreviations, edit points, to merge lines, add or remove tags, as well as evaluate math expressions.

FavoText supports using several types of syntax templates, such as ASP, CPP, CSharp, HTML, Perl, PHP, even custom defined ones. the software also includes a multitude of syntax libraries, which allow it to properly highlight the functional words in a source code. The application allows you to export the texts or easily print them.