FavoText Lite is an extensive utility that allows you to create and edit source codes that can be used for various applications and websites.

The interface consists of 2 panels, one that is used for editing and the other for browsing. Regardless of the panels you are using, you should know that you can minimize them and hence, avoid getting distracted.

In the upper section of the main window, you can view or hide several toolbars for simplifying browsing, editing and other operations you want to perform.

While some users can argue that it saves time to do these actions manually, having the quick-buttons readily accessible can prove useful for beginners. In addition, the toolbars can come in handy for the times when you are tired and simply forget a certain command.

If you already know what you are looking for, then you can use the embedded search functions to find the line or word that you need to edit. To make this even quicker, you can search for elements within folders.

It is worth mentioning that in the status bar of the main window, you can view a few details about the line of code you selected.

Since it integrates Scintilla features, it means that FavoText Lite supports a lot more code editing features than the classic syntax highlighting. More exactly, the utility also performs auto-completion and includes line markers to name a few.

The app supports the common programming formats (PHP, XML, CPP, CSharp, ASP, etc) and enables you to export your project to HTML directly. In case your project needs it, the utility allows you to add external tools as well.

You can edit files that are either in text or HEX format with this application.

In case you are planning to launch a new website or app, but on a similar platform, you could use a tool that enables you to quickly search for, read and edit only certain sections of the source code. FavoText Lite can be the utility you need to complete this task fast and effortlessly.