Split Excel Master Table is a simple and reliable application designed to provide you with a better way of dividing Excel tables, rather than doing it manually.

This utility is fairly easy to understand, as all you have to do is launch it and select the file you want to work with. Then, you need to press the 'Open Master Table' button and it will instantly show you a preview of your file's contents.

Subsequently, you can split the Excel file into sub-tables by rows or columns. If there is a header, you can set the maximum size in columns. In addition, you can keep the header for every sub-table. Similarly, you can span sub-tables to a preferred number of columns.

Last but not least, you can choose the output format that you need, between XLS and XLSX. Before finalizing the operation, you can display a preview of the generated files, in order to make sure the layout is the one you wanted.

By pressing the 'Split' button, Split Excel Master Table will almost instantly divide your file and save it in the same location as the source document, under the initial name plus an automatic suffix: 'SplitMasterTable'. Unfortunately, you have no control over the output destination or name.

An important feature of Split Excel Master Table is the fact that it is a portable utility. This means it will create no dependencies or registry entries on your computer. Additionally, you can remove it very quickly, simply by erasing the containing directory. Moreover, you can take the tool with you wherever you go on a USB flash drive and use it on any computer, at work or at home.

Split Excel Master Table is a useful program, that allows you to automatically perform an otherwise tedious job, enabling you to save time and increase your work efficiency.