Female Faces Custom Shapes will provide users with different poses, smiles, surprise, cheerful faces for Photoshop.

The face artworks are all stored in CSH format and can be loaded into Photoshop or elements by the file > open command. Once the face designs have been loaded into Photoshop you can access them by selecting the custom shape tool (in Photoshop or Elements) or via the Cookie cutter in PS Elements.

You can also use the face designs in the shape blur filter to create stunning and unique blurring effects of images and text though the shape blur is not the easiest tool to be sure of the end result but it can be a powerful tool if you want that stunning blur effect that has never ever been seen before

Many different posed designs of face are included in the set such as smiling, looking, talking, etc. All the designs are based on renders using Poser (from Smith Micro). If you are interested in 3D posed rendering then I would suggest you go check out their site for a trial.

The face shapes can be re-colored via the toolbox by setting the foreground color and you can also set the color of the face design by selecting the color from the swatch palette (always found that a quicker approach). The face artwork designs can be modified by pen tools as well as the selection tools as well as warped and transformed such as scale and rotated and slanted.

The female face shapes can have drop shadow / inner glow / bevels / stroke effects / textures / patterns / gradient overlay etc applied to them via layer effects and this can be found in the layers menu. They can also have standard plugin effects applied to them and if you are using the design as a smart object you can also use the smart filters allowing for non-destructive effects on the designs.

The face shapes can be used as paths and strokes can be applied or the face design can be turned into a selection and various gradients or patterns can be applied along with effects. If used as a path they can also be exported as a vector design to Illustrator and others.

You can apply the face shapes in RGB color mode as well as CMYK LAB Grayscale and other color modes. You can also apply the faces in different color channels to create stunning color effects. The faces are great for creating backgrounds and textures as well as frames and overlays etc.