FewClix for Outlook PRO is a detailed and powerful add-in for Microsoft Outlook that streamlines the user-experience by enabling faster search functions, as well as options to prioritize messages.

Users that rely on the Microsoft Outlook mail client will benefit from using this add-in. That being said, it should be noted that the tool is specifically designed for mail accounts with messages. The resource is progressively more useful as the number of mail entries rises.

As one would expect, since it relies on Microsoft Outlook in order to function, the GUI component is rather insignificant. Once enabled, the add-in displays a rather small frame (but tailor-made for the purpose at hand). A good number of quick-link buttons adorn this object, which makes the tool very easy to understand and use.

Once installed and enabled, the resource places all the core function buttons above the messages currently being viewed. Users should note that, in some situations, the plug-in might not be displayed, cases in which one needs to activate the tool from within Outlook. Fortunately, the developers have created a quick-start PDF guide.

The tool is essentially a mailbox manager; it allows one to quickly search for messages and prioritize inbox items for a streamlined experience. Searching can be performed with various parameters, such as sender, subject, message size range, attachment name or content.

Prioritizing messages is, essentially, a method of filtering and flagging existing items. For example, by using this option, one can mark messages as "Important", as “Replied” or as “Flagged for follow-up”. Users with bulky inboxes will surely appreciate the power behind this function.

In conclusion, FewClix for Outlook PRO is a useful tool for anyone that needs solutions for overweight inboxes.