If you have multiple e-books in your collection, you probably understand how appropriate software solutions can help you manage them more efficiently.

One of the applications that can help you achieve adequate results in the situation depicted above is Fiction Book Reader Store App.

Deploying this program on your computer can be accomplished with minimum difficulty since you do not need to perform any additional configuration steps.

The only necessary steps are clicking the Install button from its Windows Store's product page and waiting for the files to be retrieved and deployed on your system.

Fiction Book Reader Store App comes with a minimalistic, yet efficient design that encompasses various intuitive functions. Therefore, a broad spectrum of computer users can benefit from its capabilities without considerable efforts, regardless of their PC operating skills or previous experience with similar utilities.

However, no form of help documentation is provided to you, making it impossible to access a user guide in case you encounter any difficulties while using this app.

You can turn to this program if you have an extensive collection of e-books and want to organize them in a quick, adequate manner with minimum difficulty. You can add items to your library by either selecting each file from your computer separately or importing an entire folder's worth of documents.

Additionally, this utility features support for OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System). Therefore, you can add items by providing the application with a valid URL and typing a name in the required field. More so, you can synchronize your files between multiple computers, depending on your needs.

To wrap it up, Fiction Book Reader Store App is a reliable application that can help you organize your e-book library in a quick, effective manner. It packs multiple useful features, including sync and OPDS support as well as an extensive configuration menu.