File Access Manager is a useful and reliable application which gives your backup software the ability to protect ALL your mission critical data by giving it access to exclusive, open or in use files. Ensure business continuity by protecting your data in real time without causing interruptions.

Is your mission critical data at risk because your backup software reports show files that have been denied access or are corrupt? File Access Manager will help you protect ALL your data in case of system failure or disaster without interrupting day to day operations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

File Access Manager was designed to be non-intrusive while running in the background silently without any noticeable slowdown. File Access Manager allows ANY backup software to backup open files to ensure business continuity and protection of mission critical data.

File Access Manager was designed to be non-intrusive while running in the background in the core of your operation. This allows for your backup software to run in real-time to backup exclusive, open or in-use files without taking users offline. Protect applications such as Exchange, SQL, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Oracle, Word, Excel, custom applications and more, without interruptions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Most backup software do NOT include the ability to backup exclusive files, creating the possibility of data corruption, incomplete backups or log file errors. File Access Manager will change this by giving ANY Windows based backup software exclusive rights to open up ANY file(s).

File Access Manager (FAM) was designed to work in a heterogeneous computing environment, by offering support for both Windows file systems and network file systems. FAM was designed to work transparently with no file system or network pre-configuration needed.

File Access Manager will support a networked computing environment by allowing access to exclusive, in-use and locked files over a mapped drives and networked computers. Installing FAM on computer A, would allow computer B to backup exclusive, in-use and locked files residing on computer A. Combining this functionality with FAM?s remote install, makes deploying your open file solution easier then ever.

File Access Manager is designed for today's busy distributed computing environment and supports ALL Microsoft Windows based backup applications that work with NT/2000/XP and Windows 2000/2003 server family.

File Access Manager will work with ALL Windows based backup software applications to provide you with a COMPLETE data safeguard solution. It is also compatible with ALL Windows based offsite backup software applications. File Access Manager was designed to work seamlessly in the background with any backup software such as Vision Backup, Computer Associates BrightStor ARCserve, Veritas Backup Exec and NetBackup, IBM Tivoli Storage manager, EMC/LEGATO NetWorker to name a few.

File Access Manager supports ALL Windows based application types across your network, including email, databases, and custom files without requiring you to purchase any expensive add-ons for your backup solution.

File Access Manager Server was designed with your network in mind. Easily add any number of workstation licenses that you may require and remotely install them from the server throughout your Windows based network.

When backing up exclusive, in use or locked files, File Access Manager (FAM) will cache write operations until your backup software has finished backing up the file. This ensures that your backup copy will stay safe from curruption by backing up a snapshot of the file when the backup starts.

File Access Manager does NOT require pre-allocation of cache space or extra hard drive space to function. File Access Manager was designed to monitor the file system for read requests coming from your backup software, causing no noticeable slowdown in system performance.


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