Storage – the one aspect that dictates how things work in terms of users’ multimedia files, regardless of their nature. At some point, inevitably, one might ponder the idea of resorting to external storage for files, in the Cloud. This both frees up space on local drives as well as sorts things out in terms of safekeeping. File Ark, as its name suggests, is here to provide a kind of “shelter” for one’s personal files and folders.

Speaking of the joy that comes from simple things, this app does posses an aura that inspires confidence and entices one to start working with it. It is worth mentioning that users will need to create an account for proceeding with the uploading process, and a simple email confirmation link will make things work.

Once account details have been set, users can then proceed to select and upload their files, and they can do so by simply dragging-and-dropping them directly onto the interface.

One neat little feature that the app offers is the fact that it enables one to automatically delete the files from disk after the upload has completed. At first this will appear as a confirmation pop-up, but later on, users can select for the process to be carried out automatically.

Of course, uploading and downloading files is accompanied by a graphical progress bar, which ensures that people get an accurate depiction of their uploading process.

Running out of disk space on your partitions and having doubts about which media files to keep and which to discard? Why not keep all of them, by resorting to this cool uploading app that will allow you to upload them to could and thus gain back all that precious storage space.