File Recover is an easy to use and powerful file recovery software solution that provides a fast scanning engine and a straightforward interface.

In fact, the straightforward interface we are talking about is the foundation of the whole application because it allows rookies take advantage of its advanced features too.

The eye-candy look of the program lets users choose from three different scan types, namely quick, deep and physical. Plus, they are prompted to select the drive to scan, but also filter files by type, size or file name.

File Recover supports the most popular extensions out there, be they documents, multimedia files or system data, so make sure you access this section too for better results.

The scanning process takes a while, of course also depending on the size of the drive you select. It shows the recoverable files in real time, along with the number of found files and a preview panel to see the file before recovering it.

File Recover is indeed an effective piece of software, although it failed to detect some of the data that could be recovered using other similar software solutions on the market.

The application doesn’t slow down the system, but it uses a moderate amount of hardware resources during the scanning process. It works just fine on all Windows versions, without requiring administrator privileges on Windows 7 machines.

All in all, File Recover is a tool that could come in handy to many users out there, especially since it’s one of the few recovery tools that can be safely installed by beginners too. It’s fast and stable and provides a great amount of configuration options.