FileASSASSIN is an application designed to remove locked files from your computer.

Especially useful if you're trying to get rid of locked malware data, FileASSASSIN doesn't require advanced computer knowledge, grouping the essential features right in the main window.

While there's no shell menu integration, the program's GUI is plain and simple, letting you select a file to be removed either by using the dedicated feature in the main window or via drag and drop support.

There are three file removal methods, as it follows: FileASSASSIN's very own file removal engine, the standard Windows delete utility and the delete-on-reboot tool.

Of course, the one that's the most effective is the one provided by FileASSASSIN, but you should also know that in some cases locked files can only be removed at system reboot.

If you however go for FileASSASSIN's engine, you are also allowed to play a little bit with some settings, so you can also unlock locked file handles, unload modules, terminate the file's process and delete the file.

You can't delete more files at the same time and FileASSASSIN doesn't come with Context Menu integration, which isn't quite good news for those who are planning to remove a file on the go.

All things considered, FileASSASSIN serves its purpose with minimum effort, so you don't really need to be a very experienced user to figure out which feature is which. There's no help section available, but that's not at all a problem since everything's so intuitive.