FileBackupEX is a lightweight program that is designed to aid users in keeping their files securely backed up. The tool can be configured to run manually or with an automatic delayed start.

Anyone who wants to have his documents securely replicated in another location can draw value from this tool. The application can be especially valuable for users that regularly work with sensitive documents. File repositories of various kinds can employ it in order to make regular database backups.

The program comes with a simple interface that is very user-friendly; the tool can be run with just a few mouse clicks, which means even newcomers will be able to create backup operations within minutes.

FileBackupEX allows one to create backup projects based on the specified folders. One of the great functions of this software is that a single job can backup more than one directory. This means that a single job can backup all essential information.

The software is, however, also able to create multiple jobs. These tasks can feature scheduled commands, as well as scripting options. The latter can be used in order to run applications before or after tasks are processed.

All in all, this setup means that users can create a wide variety of backups, from all-encompassing multi-directories processes to small and highly focused scheduled tasks. Once all the parameters are in place, a simple click on the “Run Now” option allows the process to start.

To conclude, FileBackupEX is a great resource for anyone that requires a quick and simple solution for folder backup issues.