Filebolt is an attractive and modern application that aims to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your files safe, as well as easily-sharable with your close ones.

Of course, it does this with the help of military grade encryption technologies (AES) and its basic principle is quite simple: regardless of you wanting to store a file locally or on any cloud server, first "bolt it" with Filebolt.

To "bolt" files, simply drag and drop them from their location onto the app's main window and the apps takes care of everything else. These encrypted files can then be securely stored on your computer, external storage devices, as well as on cloud servers.

Sharing files via email or other medium is just as simple on all the clients via dedicated and intuitive buttons. Of course, for anyone else to access the bolted file, they will need to be provided with a thoroughly generated sharing password.

Things are made even easier thanks to modern-looking and intuitive clients for other platforms such as macOS, as well as for iOS and Android, covering the needs of most users.

Getting started with the application is also not challenging. Subsequent to a streamlined and uneventful installation process, you are greeted by a useful wizard-based presentation that advertises some of the app's main functions and allows you to easily sign up an account or log in, in case you already have one.

To end with, Filebot is a very efficient application that offers you a complete and versatile solution for keeping your files as safe as possible without over-complicating the whole sharing process.