Sorting numerous files can be difficult if you plan to do this by going through each item at a time. Instead, you can turn to an application that's capable of changing the names of multiple files at once based on the rules you specify.

FileMorph aims to become this kind of software solution. Available for both Windows and Mac, it has features ready for renaming file extensions, adding or replacing text, or inserting timestamps.

Following a speedy setup operation that shouldn't give you any trouble, the program launches a graphical and command-line window. The console window has to remain running in the background or FileMorph won't work. It shows log details on errors.

As far as the graphical interface is concerned, the file renamer adopts a rather rudimentary look with some obvious display issues. For example, the pane that shows the file and folder paths cannot be resized to be able to view the whole paths.

It's possible to rename the file extensions, replace existing text in the filename (excluding the extensions), add text before or after the current filename, as well as insert the date and time after consulting a built-in calendar. Although there is no way to preview the new filenames, FileMorph has an undo option available.

It's not capable of processing files from subfolders so you have to make sure that the specified directory contains all the files you want to rename. Also, the option to open files instead of folders is redundant in the current edition because it's not possible to open multiple files at once.

All aspects considered, it's obvious that FileMorph still has to work on a couple of things, including a way to preview the new file names. We're looking forward to new features and improvements in upcoming updates.