FilePrinterSpooler is useful, powerful and easy to use file printer spooler. It monitors a certain folder for files and sends these files to the default printer. After printing one file the file is deleted. The presentation here is of the default FilePrinterSpooler implementation. The application can be easily customized and tailored.

Here are some key features of "FilePrinterSpooler":

■ Allows customizing of used font

■ Allows customizing of file mask for printing

■ Selection of folder to monitor for new printing files

■ A list of escape sequences which can be used when programming to enforce LPI/CPI, etc. commands.

■ User friendly interface and setup dialog

■ System tray icon which allows easy access to FilePrinterSpooler interface

■ Easy install/uninstall (one file download)

■ Automatic software update


■ The trial version will allow you to test the features of FilePrinterSpooler while enforcing only one limitation : the size of the printed files is truncated to 1 Kb