FilmEasyDevelop is a powerful utility that will help you convert negative films into high quality positive images.It's suitable for almost all types of color or B&W film.

The film image can be obtained by a scanner or a digital camera. FilmEasyDevelop adjust its BlackColor and WhiteColor. So it eliminate the orange mask. Users can define the export area of the film. FilmEasyDevelop provide the following adjustment: Exposure, Color Saturation, Bright, Contrast and RGB.You do not have to use other image-editing software. All done only with several clicks and drags.provide user-defined image size for saving and printing.

Here are some key features of "FilmEasyDevelop":

■ Make vivid digital pictures from films with a scanner or a digital camera in minutes.

■ Browse films quickly and expediently .

■ Export photos in batches.

■ Make prints on your home or office printer.

FilmEasyDevelop is designed in a simple and intuitive interface. It's easy to use.

FilmEasyDevelop runs fast and steadily.

FilmEasyDevelop provide user-defined image size for saving and printing.


■ One of the following tools: (a) Flat bed scanner with a transparency adapter;

■ (b) Digital camera that can capture film image;

■ Video system must support no less than 65K colors and 800x600 pixels;

■ Graphic file formats: JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, PNG;

■ Supported image type: RGB True Color, 24 bit.


■ The unregistered(shareware) version of FilmEasyDevelop will signed itself on the picture by text label if the picture is larger than 256X256 pixels.To register FilmEasyDevelop online, you may select "Help"-"Register..." to open registration form,and click "BuyNow!" button.