If your passion is music, you can let your creativity guide you and create customized sheet music with Finale SongWriter. This is an easy to use application that provides you with multiple tools for authoring songs and creating staves.

When opening the application, you have to choose one or more instruments that you want to include in your song, as well as the key and time signature. After doing so, the program automatically assigns a stave for each selected musical instrument.

Working with Finale SongWriter is easy, as the user-friendly interface offers you the possibility to quickly access to all the features of the program.

The staves can be spread through multiple pages, which you can edit one at a time. You can start writing your song anytime, as all you have to do is place the desired musical notes and effects on the staves.

Everytime you write down a new note, it is automatically played by a MIDI device. Moreover, you can play the whole song at any moment, thus having the possibility to correct on-the-spot the sounds that you don't like.

You can customize parts of your staves by using the tools you have at your disposal: you can change the key and time signature, the clef, the tempo, as well as add measures and tuplet notes, repeat signs, lyrics or other annotations.

One feature that makes this software notable is the 'Human Playback' option, which allows you to listen to your song as if performed by live musicians. You have the possibility to choose from multiple singing genres, such as baroque, classical, pop, waltz and so on.

The application allows you to place any musical symbol on your stave, in order to create a beautiful song. After finishing it, you can save your work as MID or MUS file, as well as in MP3 or WAV formats. Thus, you can later listen to your song on the computer or other device.

Finale SongWriter is designed to help songwriters, choir directors and musicians create and print professional-looking sheet music that they can share with anyone.