Finch Color Manager is well designed for who works with color.

Finch Color Manager accepts HEX & RGB values and easy access to HEX & RGB for each color. Easily copy color values to the clipboard. You can create your own color schemes for your website,and make the color websafe.

Here are some key features of "Finch Color Manager":

■ Select A Color To Find Related Colors

■ Select Color Matching Mode

■ Pop Up RGB Sliders

■ Add Colors to the Favorites Window

■ Keep Favorites Window on Top of All Applications

■ Using the Screen Color Picker

■ Lighten or Darken All Colors

■ Saturate or Desaturate All Colors

■ Copying HEX Values

■ Make Selected Color Web Safe

■ View History of Colors

■ Using the Web Page Preview Window

■ Accessing Previously Used Colors

■ Using the Color Harmony Window