Find my Font is a powerful software application which enables you to quickly identify the font used in particular images or in captures of the screen.

The clear-cut interface is accessible to all types of users, and it encloses a menu bar, several buttons and four panels to display the uploaded photo, selected letters, matching fonts and preview fonts.

This tool supports many picture formats, including BMP, GIF, JPG, PBM, PGM, PNG, PPM, TIF and XBM, and of course, enables you to take a snapshot of the entire screen, and automatically displays it in the appropriate pane.

Next, you are required to select between one and three letters from the image, so that you can start your search. It is important to choose distinct characters, so that you results can be more accurate.

It is possible to rotate images, adjust selection tolerance, make the body of text horizontal, split connected letters and zoom in and out. Furthermore, you can correct a selected part of the photo, by tweaking the width and contrast levels, enlarging the image and fixing the perspective.

There is also a search function integrated, which aids users to look for a particular font that begins or contains a specified keyword (case sensitive or not).

Help contents are provided and they happen to be quite extensive and well-organized, so that anybody can learn to use this program to its full potential. Surprisingly enough, the identifying process does not burden your computer’s performance.

All in all, it becomes apparent that Find my Font is a powerful and handy piece of software for people interested in determining the name of a font. The UI is intuitive, the environment encompasses many options and the response time is good. Even if an exact match cannot be made, multiple similar ones will be listed.