FindinSite-CD is an advanced text search engine that helps you look for the content of a CD/DVD or USB drive. It is able to index HTML, TXT, PDF, DOC/DOCX, RTF, XLS/XLSX and PPT/PPTX files and comes with support for a Java applet, which is a search interface that can be controlled via your web browser.

The tool employs a wizard that helps you index your CD/DVD or USB drive contents in order to build a search database. You are allowed to scan all files in a user-defined folder (and include subdirectories) or links from an initial page in a local file or in a custom URL.

What’s more, the app lets you select the file types that you want to scan (e.g. HTML, PDF, TXT, DOC, XLS), specify the filename and saving directory for the search database, and create a FindinSite-CD search page with a custom name (HTM file format).

You may configure several settings related to what should be stored in the search database and how pages should be scanned. You can make the program store word positions, ignore pages with no title, enter password, and use META description as abstract.

At the end of the indexing process, the utility generates a report which includes information about the number of scanned pages, found words and total output database size. The report can be exported to plain text file format.

FindinSite-CD gives you the possibility to create a search webpage, view and access the search webpage via your default browser. The application offers you the freedom to enter the text in the search box (included in the Java applet). The language is automatically detected, and you may change it by selecting between 29 options.

The search process can be customized with the aid of ‘AND,’ ‘OR’ and ‘NOT’ parameters, wildcards, metadata, word stemming (taking the stem of a word and generating common variants), synonyms and spelling options.

The search tool helps you find pages that contain all the words that you are looking for by highlighting them and displaying navigation arrows so you can move between the matching words. In addition, you may go back to your previous search text, choose the subsets you want to include in your search, and change the index.

All in all, FindinSite-CD comes with an advanced feature pack for helping you find, scan and organize data on CDs/DVDs and USB flash drives. However, its features are not highly intuitive (including those embedded in the indexing wizard) so you may need to spend some extra time in order to get used to working with it.