FindIt looks for files matching your search criteria. For example, if you want to find a file in some folders containing certain words, FindIt will look through the folders, read each of the files and report back back the match results.

With FindIt files can also be filtered by selecting the date, size, extension or file name wildcards. A means of searching for text using patterns called Regular Expressions, can also be used.

Beside text files, FindIt searches MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, ZIP and binary files. Find it supports Unicode files (UTF-8 / UTF-16LE/BE / UTF-32LE/BE).

Here are some key features of "Prime Systems FindIt":

■ Search files on your computer matching your criteria, including search text or regular expressions.

FindIt searches Text, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, ZIP and Binary files.

■ Find it supports Unicode text files (UTF-8 / UTF-16LE/BE / UTF-32LE/BE)

■ Use Regular Expressions (like grep).

■ Fast searches and concise match results.


■ 21 days trial