Fine Uninstall is one of the apps designed to offers users an alternative to the built-in Windows utilities, being able to remove installed software on the go.

Especially useful in case you’re trying to deal with a virus that disabled the “Add/Remove Programs” Windows feature, Fine Uninstall comprises nothing more than very basic options.

Although it tackles such an important task, it does nothing more than to uninstall a selected application, so it doesn’t search for leftovers or registry items that may slow down your system.

Instead, it comes with a rather simple GUI that shows all installed apps, along with size and company. What’s more, a search box at the bottom of the main window is there you help find a program in a second, which is quite useful in case you have tons of installed apps.

Fine Uninstall can show or hide system updates, but it’s more important to mention that this app also offers users a feature to remove one of the invalid entries.

There’s nothing that could get you too much trouble, so a help manual doesn’t make any sense. The developers didn’t include such a file in the package, but all user categories should figure out the purpose of each tool with no fuss.

To sum up, Fine Uninstall is quite a handy piece of software and while it works smoothly on all Windows versions, administrator privileges are needed on Windows 7 workstations.