If you're looking for something that could keep your kids entertained for hours, then look no further. This app could be what you've been seeking for so long. It's got a lot of color in it, yet it is not at all messy. Finger Paint is an application that is somewhat similar to Microsoft Paint. It's basic, but it has one specific element that distinguishes it from other similar apps. Provided you have a touch-compatible device, you can actually use your fingers to paint, hence the name of the program.

Don't necessarily associate this app with children. It's something even you, as an adult, could do. It relaxes you and it's quite fun. Let's be honest. You'd like to make a mess yourself, sometimes, but are terrified of the fact that you have to clean afterward. So, go crazy with this app, because there is no cleaning to do. The interface is quite simple. It only has a few buttons, most of them just brush sizes, or shall we say fingers? The buttons are quite big and this really is an advantage for those using devices with touchscreens.

This app is also quite good at developing one's imagination. Painting with your fingers does require you to know what you'd like to paint, unless you're simply scribbling stuff on your tablet PC. Even so, you'll probably choose different colors, which, by the way, are easy to change with this app, from a preset panel, to be more exact. You'll be the creator of several masterpieces, and all this with the help of a simple tool like Finger Paint.

No matter what you decide to use Finger Paint for, it will be creative and fun. You can use it together with your children and allow them to discover and develop their imagination, without causing you any unnecessary trouble. Last but not least, with Finger Paint, you also have the opportunity of using touchscreen-capable hardware at its full potential.