Whether they are deleted by accident, lost due to hardware failure or infected by malicious software, your important files are never truly safe unless you follow the advice of security experts and create multiple backups.

However, an application such as Fireebok Data Recovery may be capable of retrieving your files even after they have been lost. It is a fairly intuitive utility, but it lacks a number of useful functions.

When launching the application for the first time, you will be presented with a main window that features a minimalistic, out-of-date visual design. You can choose one of the available recovery modes, depending on the types of files that need to be retrieved.

First-time users are not likely to be impressed by the program’s UI, but it has to be said that the software’s layout is, at least, fairly straightforward.

Once the scan has been completed, Fireebok Data Recovery sorts all the available files into several lists based on their type: images, videos, songs, documents and other files. However, during our tests, audio files were placed in the Video section.

Unfortunately, the application does not allow you to filter or sort the items in any other way, and no search function is available. Because of this, it may prove difficult to find the files you are interested in.

It is possible to preview images before saving them to your hard drive, a feature that can certainly prove helpful. However, videos, audio files, or documents cannot be previewed.

On the whole, Fireebok Data Recovery is a simplistic software utility that can be helpful if you find yourself having to retrieve files that were lost accidentally. However, the functions it provides are very basic, and no user manual is included.