Fire has always had the ability to draw you in, and in every house, during the winter you feel like you'd like a fireplace so that you could see your family drawn together and bonded by its warmth.

Fireplace 3D Screensaver is a customization app which simulates the appearance of a fireplace on your desktop.

The visual style of this screensaver does not emphasize photorealism, but quite the opposite. The hand-drawn style along with the lighting and animated fire give of an "old-cartoon" vibe.

This is especially appealing to anyone who grew up playing old games with sprites and isometric perspectives.

What sets this screensaver apart is also what can make it unpopular with other users since given the graphic style, it may not appeal too much towards younger audiences.

The hot air effect the fire has creates a unique feeling of comfort that is further emphasized if you look at the screensaver at night, or with the curtains pulled so that there is as little light in the room as possible.

The screensaver has multiple customizable features which can be accessed from the "Settings" menu. Some of them are as follows: customizable resolution and aspect ratio, adjustable texture quality and sound volume and even the option to activate or deactivate the hot air effects. While the graphics aren't that appealing, their simple nature ensures that the screensaver is as lightweight as possible, thus ensuring there is no system load.

Fireplace 3D Screensaver doesn't impress with amazing graphics compared to other screensavers out there, but it has its unique charm that will surely get a few people willing to download and try it.