If your daily workflow revolves around having to use even just a couple of web apps, then you surely know how time-consuming having to switch between multiple open tabs in your web browser can be.

Sure, some of the most popular web services out there offer desktop clients which should make things a lot easier, but what about those that don't?

Well, the answer might come in the form of a very ingenious app called Firework. To keep things as simple as possible, Firework can "transform" any web application or website into a desktop application.

To be more specific, it's basically an app that can create wrappers for any web app, thus allowing you to work with them just like you would with most desktop apps.

As you'll notice once the app is deployed on your computer's system, it smoothly integrates with the taskbar, from where you can effortlessly access your web apps. Even better, you can pin your favorite web apps to the taskbar using the typical method you've come accustomed to and speedily switch between them using the ALT+TAB combination.

If you're somewhat reluctant towards wrappers, for whatever reasons, you should definitely give Firework a quick try-out, as this is a Chromium-based app that works a whole lot better than expected. The wrappers load almost instantly, and they're very customizable.

Last but not least, Firework also offers an elegant workaround to one of the most annoying issues with using wrappers, namely confusing or non-existing navigation controls. Well, we're happy to report that Firework solves this potentially irritating issue via a retractable, browser-like navigation panel that sports all the essential controls (back, forward, and refresh).

So there you have it: a Chromium-based application that boasts convenience, versatility, and Windows integration like no other app of this kind before.

Firework allows you to access your favorite web apps directly on the desktop and manage them just like native desktop apps. Best of all, it's incredibly easy-to-use and its wrappers feature almost instant loading times (with a good Internet connection, of course) and all the necessary web controls for a propitious user experience.