First English is a simple to use application designed to help you teach children common English words. The program is created to accompany your teaching sessions from pre-school students, as well as primary school education. It features multiple images and voice-overs, for young students with no reading abilities.

First English includes several word categories, which you can practice with. Colors, pets, fruit, jobs, transport, numbers, the days of the week or objects in the classroom are only a few examples. You can also teach children names of clothing items, sports, the human body, weather or the clock.

The program features both British and American vocabularies, all you need to do is select the desired option from the first screen in the application. The activities menu is displayed next to the main window, once you select a topic from the list. The menu allows you to change the topic, shuffle the location of images or select one of the quizzes.

First English features several quizzes and includes an interactive exercise for two students. The quiz implies finding a particular object from the selected topic. The Puzzle displays the images in the category hidden behind puzzle pieces and prompts you to recognize the items by fragments of the pictures.

The program features two memory games, in which you need to flip cards on the screen and find the matching ones. The Snap game requires two students and implies a quick sequence of images and names. The students can operate the game using the assigned keys.

First English features two language modules, namely British and American English. The two languages are very similar, but certain words in their vocabulary are different or sound different. This feature is highlighted especially in the sentences module, an option in the program that inserts the words from the selected categories into short phrases.