Fixico is a utility designed to help users remotely manage multiple computer systems in terms of security and performance. Unlike other such applications, it features a very easy to use and intuitive interface.

The application is installed by downloading a small installer program. Running this program automatically downloads a larger package that installs Fixico. The process takes place in the background, and one can continue to use the computer while it is ongoing, without noticing a significant slowdown. Once this process is complete, the application opens the dashboard using the default browser. It also installs a small client application that runs in the system tray, and enables, among other things, quick access to the above mentioned dashboard.

As mentioned before, the application's main functions can be accessed from its system tray icon, using the computer's internet browser.

Users can view information about their computer, such as operaing system, processor, CPU usage, system type (64 bit or 32 bit), free hard disk space, antivirus status, total installed memory and RAM usage. They can also view information regarding how many updates need to be applied and a number of indicators such as security, performance and maintenance. These indicators can help users gauge the status of the system and decide which course of action to take.

By accessing the Settings menu, users can easily apply one of three pre-set profiles or manually adjust the application's options. The three pre-set profiles are home, child and work. These presets enable users to quickly apply settings suitable for different environments.

If users want to manually configure the application, they can access one of the four tabs. These enable them to tweak settings related to security, performance, app and OS updates.

This application enables users to easily manage multiple computers in terms of update, performance and security issues and features a very user-friendly interface.