FLAC2ALAC is a straightforward and handy utility that comes packed with several elementary components to offer a quick and efficient method to transform multiple tracks at the same time from FLAC to ALAC type.

The installation is finished in a couple of seconds and uneventful. The app is wrapped in a well-organized and accessible layout incorporating all elements into a single panel, which is divided into a song list, output properties and a basic toolbar with all the necessary functions in plain sight.

Inserting multiple records in the list is simple, just find their destination folder on the drive and they are going to be automatically loaded. Along with them, you can view their duration, size, input and output locations and completion percentage. Before proceeding to the last step, it's advisable to pick the desired settings for each file in order to get the best results.

The first panel lets you select the audio profile, while the second one comes with the several basic audio properties. You can easily modify the destination folder at any given time. The conversion doesn't take too long to complete, but the waiting time may vary from one user to another. A nice addition is the ability to convert multiple songs at the same time, making the operation more productive. Unfortunately, the app doesn't offer an integrated player to play music while waiting for the conversion to finish.

Taking everything into account, FLAC2ALAC is a minimalistic application that comes in handy for anyone who wants a small yet efficient tool to provide a fast transformation from FLAC to ALAC format. The tasks were performed at a good speed and without any issues in our testing, and the program didn't consume too many resources.