Every successful product has a flashy presentation, because the first impression makes up for half of what a product's worth. Flash Demo Builder gives you the possibility to create a large diversity of animations, presentations, screensavers and more, wrapping all of its features in an intuitive design.

The center area is where most work is conducted, as well as visualizing. All animations are based on slides you can create and arrange as you see fit. A set of tools lets you create basic shapes, add items and buttons that are later thoroughly edited and fitted with effects or triggers.

Depending on the selected object, a side panel lets you manipulate components, effects, actions and appearance settings. Each object can be attributed a name for easier identification and visual customization lets you set plain colors, gradient fills or textures from image files.

What's more, every object you insert can be equipped with multiple effects that trigger in different situations. All of them are later displayed in a timeline view so you can carefully adjust timing. Unfortunately, the only way to preview animations is either to trigger this in a web browser or manually scrolling through the timeline, due to the lack of playback buttons.

Overall, you can work with diverse and abundant tools and are able to create not just presentations and animations, but also interactive tutorials or even a quiz. Buttons can be set to trigger a specific action and there is a decent palette of quiz options. Multiple choice, area, textbox and keypress are the major functions with the help of which a quiz of your demand is designed, even with an evaluation system.

One of the application's main advantages is the variety of formats you can export the project to. Nearly half of the upper toolbar is fitted with exporting options. Needless to say that Flash animation is just one option, EXE, CD / DVD movie, screensaver and directly uploading online are enough to cover most demands.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Flash Demo Builder lives up to expectations and manages to deliver a suitable set of tools so that the first impression you make with a project is a good one. It's not the most intuitive design, but if you get the hang of it, resulting animations are far from disappointing.