Flash DVD Ripper is a dvd ripping program that can convert your favorite DVD movie to MPEG, AVI, VCD, or SVCD images on-the-fly.

Flash DVD Ripper supports many important and useful features that include ripping a clip, splitting, zoom mode, resizing, etc. With Flash DVD Ripper, you can open your DVD by selecting the DVD Folder or DVD Files of VOB or IFO.

Flash DVD Ripper supports different Zoom Mode like LetterBox, Pan Scan, Full Screen, etc. And you can resize the output Video's size as you like.

Here are some key features of "Flash DVD Ripper":

Flash DVD Ripper key features include:

■ Convert DVD to MPEG

■ Convert DVD to AVI

■ Convert DVD to VCD or SVCD images

■ Open DVD by Folder

■ Open VOB or IFO files

■ MPEG may be MPEG-1 and MPEG-2

■ Select subtitles and languages

■ Choice between PAL and NTSC

■ Split by size or time

■ Different zoom modes : LetterBox, Pan Scan, Full Screen; Resize output video as you like


■ You can only select the odd number chapters or a clip less than 5 minutes