Flash Gallery Creator is a Windows application that facilitates a user-friendly interface for creating Flash albums and publishing them on the web. It puts a bunch of handy tools at your disposals, such as templates, transitions and effects.

Following a speedy setup operation that shouldn't impose any difficulties, you're greeted by a slightly outdated interface which makes it quite obvious that Flash Gallery Creator hasn't received GUI improvements for a long time. However, it's pretty intuitive.

Sample albums are shown right at startup to give you an idea of how the program works. However, you can create as many albums as you want. The first step is selecting the photos to include in the Flash albums, and they can be quickly tracked down using an integrated file navigator. The supported file types are not specified, but we've noticed that it works with PNG.

Once the files are added, you can take a look at each photo in a built-in viewer as well as make any necessary adjustments when it comes to the brightness, contrast, cropping and effect (greyscale, invert colors, emboss).

You can also rotate photos and insert hyperlinks, as well as add video files or blank pages to the album. In the next step, you can explore the album templates provided by Flash Gallery Creator. There are many options in this regard, and it's possible to preview the animations and add background music from MP3, WAV or WMA files.

Template settings can be configured when it comes to the resolution (width and height while keeping or disregarding the aspect ratio), style of the control buttons, along with the background color of the custom intro and outro (if any).

Before proceeding to the publishing step, you might be interested in decorating your slideshow with preset clipart, custom text or clipart, along with sounds. This is also the area where you can explore and apply various transitions in the filmstrip.

Multiple publishing options are available (SWF/HTML, executable, screensaver, video file, or HTML5 video) and each output profile has its own customization options. For example, when it comes to HTML5 videos, you can specify the video format (HTML5 WebM, MP4 or OGG, Flash MP4), size and quality, along with the video tags (control, autoplay, loop).

Flash albums were quickly created in our tests while the program remained light on system resources usage. Although it has some outdated elements, such as the interface and preset clipart, Flash Gallery Creator comes packed with decent options and customization settings to help you create and publish Flash albums with little effort.